Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why You Should Care About the Wyoming Democratic Caucus

Whoopee! The Wyoming democratic caucus is this weekend, and all 7 Democrats in Wyoming will be there! It almost sounds like a punchline, and true to its form, it's worth just 18 delegates (compare that to California's 548). And of course Bernie Sanders will win. He's won every neighboring state and every caucus since Super Tuesday.

What to Look For
Again, this should be very low-turnout (One of the first things on Google Images when you search for "Wyoming democrat" is the Wyoming Republican Party logo), but the main question is: Can Bernie keep up the 80-20 margins like he won in Washington, Alaska, and the like? If he has a bad night and falls to, say, 60% in this state that should be so favorable to him, it's almost certain his campaign has no hope. But if, remarkably, he keeps Hillary under the 15% threshold, it will be a great victory for the campaign.

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