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Week 16: "Trump/Cruz Feud Gets Serious" (March 27, 2016)

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There has been a lot of news this week. I’m going to guide you through it all.

Days until June 7 (Final Primaries): 72
Days until General Election: 226


Results: Trump-Cruz Split in the West
On the Republican side this week, Utah and Arizona voted. Utah voted 69% for Ted Cruz. That wasn’t a surprise, and neither was the Arizona result, as Donald Trump won with 47%. This did not come without controversy. Early voting in Arizona allowed Marco Rubio, now dropped out, to recieve 13%, more than John Kasich (poor John). People argued that this was unfair and harmed Cruz’s chances, when that extra 13% would’ve still put him 10% out of first place. Since Arizona is winner take all, that would have made absolutely no difference.

Trump and Cruz Feud BIG-TIME
This week, Trump and Cruz brought out the big guns. Ted Cruz started out by insulting Melania Trump, Donald’s wife, by posting a risqué picture from a photoshoot back in 2000. Trump responded, ominously, by threatening to “spill the beans on Heidi,” Ted Cruz’s wife. Coincidentally, the next day the National Enquirer released a story claiming Ted Cruz had five affairs with different women, some in the Cruz campaign, and some in other people’s campaigns!
Donald responded by saying, “I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin' Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence. While they were right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others, I certainly hope they are not right about Lyin' Ted Cruz.” To be fair, the National Enquirer also proclaimed Hillary Clinton had cancer and had 5 months to live, and that one didn’t pan out so well, so...

Trump Threatens to Sue RNC For No Reason At All
Trump also threatened to sue the RNC because “Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz - Lawsuit coming”. Now, the rules of the RNC are inherently undemocratic, but Trump of course fails to note that this Tuesday Cruz got more votes, but Trump won 18 more delegates. To add to this, the margin of Louisiana was very close, and Cruz has earned delegates due to his performance in congressional districts - something perfectly reasonable. I can’t way to see Trump get laughed off the courtroom floor for this one.


Results: Bernie Continues to Win Big in Caucuses
Six primaries were held this week, all of them out west, and Bernie Sanders won 5: Washington, Alaska, Utah, Idaho, and Hawai’i. Clinton won the Arizona primary. This is the first time Bernie has come out of a day ahead of delegates, although he is still fairly far behind where he has to be in order to win the nomination.


It’s a very slow week this week, with only the North Dakota Republican caucus occurring.

NORTH DAKOTA: Cruz 57, Trump 22, Kasich 18


Hillary Clinton 97%
Bernie Sanders 3%

Donald Trump 49%
Ted Cruz 1%

Donald Trump 26%
Ted Cruz 6%
John Kasich 5%
Other (Romney/Ryan/Rubio?) 13%

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