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Week 13: "Mythbusting" (March 6, 2016)

Dear Readers,

There have been a ton of results and important stories this week. I’ll help guide you through all of it. There’s also a debate right now on CNN in (Flint)!

Days until Super Tuesday 2: 9
Days until General Election: 247


A Results Guide
On Super Tuesday, Donald Trump came out with the greatest haul. He won 7 states to Ted Cruz’s 3 and Marco Rubio’s lone win, in Minnesota. Then on “Super Saturday”, Cruz and Trump each won two. This morning, Rubio won Puerto Rico. Currently, the delegate race is shaping up to be Trump vs. Cruz, with a sizable edge for Trump. Rubio is quite far back, but his 71% haul in Puerto Rico can’t have hurt.

Nancy Reagan Dies at 94
Former first lady Nancy Reagan died this morning at the age of 94. She was the wife of a beloved Republican icon, but in terms of the race, this shouldn’t make much of an impact. Rest in peace, Nancy Reagan.

The Fight Keeps Growing
Trump, Rubio, and Cruz keep arguing with each other and creating a great ruckus. This past week, Trump and Rubio had a long argument about the size of their “hands”. It was a peculiar show of... manliness? It’s very unclear as to why they decided to have this argument.


A Results Guide
On Super Tuesday, Clinton won 8 states to Sanders’ 4. On Super Saturday, Bernie Sanders emerged with decisive victories in Kansas and Nebraska, while Hillary won Louisiana. Maine was recently called for Bernie, with 80% of returns having come in so far. Currently, Hillary has won 12 states, and Bernie has won 8. However, Hillary’s delegate lead, both pledged and unpledged (more on that later), is large and still growing.

HAWAI’I: Rubio +18
IDAHO: Cruz +4
MICHIGAN: Trump +16

MICHIGAN: Clinton +16
MISSISSIPPI: Clinton +58

DC: Rubio +23



I’ve been seeing a lot of misconceptions being passed around this election season, and I’m afraid certain things are being misreported. Let me clear some things up for you:

The Democratic side has a unique concept called superdelegates. They are party officials who are not bound by any results. Hillary Clinton possesses an incredible lead among them.

THE REPORT: Superdelegates are “rigged” and “unfair” and are trying to take say away from the people and will eliminate any chance of Bernie winning the nomination.

THE TRUTH: Superdelegates are a long-established system that tries to help the Democrats have the more “presidential” nominee in the case of a close election. They can change their minds at any time, and at this point in 2008, Hillary led Barack by a lot. If Bernie indeed winds up with a popular vote majority, superdelegates will probably switch to support him.

THE REPORT: At the Iowa Caucuses, 44 delegates were awarded, and 6 were decided by coin flips, all of which Hillary won.

THE TRUTH: These coin flips were used to decide statewide delegates, of which there are thousands. They are used when the amount of “Uncommitted” disrupts the amount of state delegates awarded. They didn’t make any noticeable difference.

First off, the right term is “contested convention”, not “brokered convention”

Secondly, everyone has been saying they’ll happen and Romney or Biden will be nominated or something.

THE TRUTH: It’s not going to happen. With only 2 candidates left, someone on the Democratic side is guaranteed a majority. On the Republican side, Trump should receive delegates. If he doesn’t, he’ll probably be close enough that everyone else withdraws, and thus he’ll get a majority. But theoretically, yes, anything could happen.

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions/criticisms are welcome, just comment!

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