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Week 15: "Farewell, Little Marco" (March 20, 2016)

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There has been a lot of news this week. I’m going to guide you through it all.

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Days until June 7 (Final Primaries): 79
Days until General Election: 233


Five states and the Northern Mariana Islands voted this week on the Republican side. The important winner-take-all states of Florida and Ohio were split, with John Kasich taking his home state of Ohio and Donald Trump taking Marco Rubio’s home state, Florida. Trump also won Missouri, North Carolina, Illinois, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Kasich declared Ohio a victory for him, even though he needs to win 115% of the remaining delegates (an impossible task) to earn a majority.

Rubio Finally Drops Out
After coming out of his home state 20 points back, winning only one primary, Marco Rubio called it quits. He also said he was “done with politics”. It’s been a fun campaign for Mr. Rubio, starting from nowhere and by the end, well...

-Donald Trump calling him out for sweating too much
-A last-minute Iowa surge that sparked momentum...
-...which was immediately eliminated when Chris Christie destroyed him at a debate for repeating himself
-Insulting the size of Donald Trump’s “hands”
-Winning one state
-Being dubbed “Little Marco”


The same five states (but not the NMI) voted on Tuesday for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton completed a sweep, including unlikely wins in Missouri and Illinois. In the end, Bernie only came in ~80 delegates behind, but it was an embarrassing results when the Sanders campaign had hoped for a minimum of two victories.

AMERICAN SAMOA: Cruz 38, Trump 33, Kasich 26
ARIZONA: Trump 43, Cruz 37, Kasich 16
UTAH: Cruz 54, Kasich 27, Trump 14

March 22:
ARIZONA: Clinton 57, Sanders 41
IDAHO: Sanders 64, Clinton 34
UTAH: Sanders 68, Clinton 29

March 26:
ALASKA: Sanders 59, Clinton 39
HAWAI’I: Sanders 54, Clinton 40
WASHINGTON: Sanders 67, Clinton 31

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