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Week 14: "Violence, Stupidity, and Circus Games" (March 13, 2016)

Dear Readers,

There has been a lot of news this week. I’m going to guide you through it all.

Days until Super Tuesday 2: 2
Days until General Election: 240


The Race Takes A Bloody Turn
At a Trump rally in Chicago, some protesters showed up. Trump supporters got angry and began fighting the protesters. A riot emerged and a few people, including two police officers, were injured. This is terrible, and for their part, all the other candidates blamed Mr. Trump for promoting violence and horrendous acts. But the worst part was how little Mr. Trump seemed to care. Later that day he tweeted out “Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!” No remorse for those injured, no promises to change his rhetoric, just threats to a candidate who, for his part, said that he thought Trump’s supporters deserved to see an honest politician. Of course, Trump decided to go home and not face the protesters, like the wimp he is.

Results Overview
In the past week, Donald Trump has won in Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawai’i. Ted Cruz has won Guam and Idaho. Marco Rubio has won in DC, and in the Virgin Islands...

The Virgin Islands Caucus
A strategist representing “uncommitted” received the most votes of anyone at the Virgin Islands caucuses: In fact, the top 4 vote getters were “uncommitted”, followed by a ted Cruz delegate. All 9 of the VIs delegates, will remain uncommitted, as they believe no candidate is good enough.

Toxicity at Trump Events Continues
I’ve said enough about this; I know. But I’d like to shed light on some more atrocities:
At one event this week, a Trump supporter told an African-American woman to “Go back to Africa”, and another one screamed “Go back to Auschwitz.” Say what you will about leaving Trump unaccountable, but there is clearly some influence, This man has built a campaign on xenophobia, intolerance and fascism, and it has inspired much of his supporters’ blind racism. He’s taunted protesters left and right, telling one he “would punch him in the face himself” and telling another to “go back to his mommy”. Not only this, but he was endorsed by the KKK and David Duke. I know my goal is to remain neutral, but as a voice of reason, I feel a need to say:
A vote for Trump is a vote for devolution, intolerance, and inequality. A vote for Trump is a vote for isolating the US and losing all allies. A vote for Trump is a vote for war crimes, police brutality, and a vote for Trump is telling the bottom-feeders of America that they have won. Don’t feed the beast: Vote #NeverTrump.


Results Guide
This week, Hillary Clinton won in Mississippi and the Northern Mariana Islands. Bernie Sanders won in Michigan after being behind by an average of 20% in the polls, completing the greatest upset since Eugene McCarthy’ s New Hampshire victory in 1968. Hillary walked with many more delegates, but an unexpected win in Michigan reinvigorated Sanders’ campaign and ruined the polling community.

Hillary On Nancy Reagan: Bad Pandering
After the death of Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton lauded the Reagans for starting the conversation about AIDS. This is so vastly incorrect, and such a terrible use of pandering to... “Reagan Democrats?”. In fact, the Reagans were notoriously latent on AIDS, considering it as a joke and trying not to talk about it or help anyone. Someone in the Clinton campaign should be fired over this.

FLORIDA: Trump 44, Rubio 21, Cruz 21, Kasich 12
ILLINOIS: Cruz 36, Trump 33, Kasich 20, Rubio 8
MISSOURI: Trump 38, Cruz 35, Kasich 14, Rubio 13
NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS: Rubio 40, Kasich 33, Trump 20, Cruz 7
NORTH CAROLINA: Trump 46, Cruz 35, Kasich 16, Rubio 11
OHIO: Kasich 38, Trump 32, Cruz 21, Rubio 8

FLORIDA: Clinton 64, Sanders 35
ILLINOIS: Sanders 53, Clinton 46
MISSOURI: Clinton 52, Sanders 45
NORTH CAROLINA: Clinton 63, Sanders 37
OHIO: Clinton 54, Sanders 44

Dear Marco,
Marco Rubio, please drop out. You’re embarrassing yourself. You’re not gonna win Florida. You’re going to finish in dead last near everywhere. You’re just helping Trump win. Marco, if you don’t drop out after Florida, you will have handed the nomination to Trump and you’ll look like a total dunce.
-The Electability Report

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