Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 4: "Winnow, Winnow, Winnow" (January 3, 2016)

Dear Readers,

This week in politics has been an eventful one. Well - sort of. Anyway, I will help you make sense of it all.


Days until Iowa caucuses: 29
Days until New Hampshire primaries: 37
Days until General Election: 309


Yet Another Departure
Former New York governor and legendary footnote George Pataki dropped out of the race this week after failing to reach 1% in most polls. This holds absolutely no consequences, but now the only other footnotes left in the race are Jim Gilmore and Rick Santorum.

Nevada Finally Polled
The final primary state of February, Nevada, has been in need of polling for about two months, and finally, it has arrived! Well, it was polled by Gravis - who are fairly dubious. However, these results show former GOP frontrunner Ben Carson at only 6%, just one ahead of Carly Fiorina. However, otherwise, these results are nothing remarkable.


O’Malley Holds Underwhelming Event
Martin O’Malley held a meet-and-greet in Iowa this past week, getting a grand total of one person to show up to his event. Upon leaving, that person claimed they were “still undecided.”

Upcoming Events:

State of the Race (Personal, Unscientific, Odds)
(Starting next week I’m going to include poll numbers here, but there was no polling this week)
Sen. Rubio - 37%
Sen. Cruz - 36%
Mr. Trump - 13%
Gov. Christie - 7%
Gov. Bush - 3%
All Others - <1%

Sen./Sec. Clinton - 93%
Sen. Sanders - 6%
Gov. O’Malley - 1%

Thanks for reading! Sorry it was short again this week, there will be more news heading into the homestretch in Iowa and NH. Any questions? Feel free to ask me!

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