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Week 29: "Brexit" (June 26, 2016)

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Days until General Election: 142


Weekly List of Things Republican Elected Officials Are Saying About Their Nominee:

-Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) sees no reason to attend the convention next month.

-Columnist George Will switched parties because of Trump

-Former Bush cabinet members Henry Paulson and Brent Scowcroft are voting for Hillary Clinton


So, the Brexit did indeed happen (I’ll go into this more later). Trump, naturally, was going to Scotland the next day, so one would imagine he’d be congratulating UKIP and the Brexiteers, right? In his press conference, he only talked about his golf course, not even mentioning Brexit. On his Twitter, he decided to thank Scotland for their leave votes, when, of course, remain swept all the counties in Scotland. Adding this to Trump’s only learning about Brexit in the past few days and still not knowing who Boris Johnson is, it’s clear Trump’s foreign policy is flawless.

Trump Fires Lewandowski

This week, Donald Trump fired his longtime campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski was accused of assaulting a Breitbart reporter earlier this year, and his style of campaign managing may not have been very productive, but it’s a shocking move by the Trump team. Lewandowski was immediately hired by CNN, of course, so that shows how much Trump saying “you’re fired” is worth.


House Democrats Hold Sit-In on Gun Control

To add to Senate democrats’ filibuster last week, the house democrats stayed in the building for 24 hours, demanding a bill on gun control. They failed in their efforts, of course, but the publicity can only help their cause. Hillary, of course, has been in support of congressional democrats through their tricky efforts, especially recently. The sit-in didn’t affect any votes, as congress was meant to be closed for most of the time anyway.

Sanders Will Vote for Clinton
Bernie Sanders has made another step toward party unity, telling a reporter he will vote for Clinton. The only steps left are to drop out and endorse Clinton (because in the 2016 election season, pledging your vote isn’t the same as an endorsement!) He maintains he’ll push his platform to the convention, but in the meantime Sanders voters are returning to Clinton, as recent polls indicate.

This Week In World Elections

United Kingdom: The results of Brexit are in, and Leave earned a solid victory. Prime Minister David Cameron has already announced his intent to step down, meaning that Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and Donald Trump look-alike, has a great chance of becoming the next Prime Minister. Some voters are already regretting their decisions, with interviews with Leave voters who “didn’t think it’d seriously happen” floating around. This referendum is non-binding, and it’s up to the next Prime Minister as to what to do.

Iceland: The Icelandic presidential election is today. The main candidates are:

-author Andri Snær Magnason
-editor/former Prime minister Davíð Oddsson
-historian Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson
-entrepreneur Halla Tómasdóttir
-truck driver Sturla Jónsson

Polls show Jóhannesson with a large lead (at least since incumbent Olafur Ragnar Grímsson decided not to run), and results seem to back this up. Jóhanneson has never held public office, but the presidency is a largely ceremonial post (with more power in the prime minister). This election was muddled when president Grímsson (a five-term incumbent!) was implicated in the Panama Papers.

Spain: The election for congress and senate is tomorrow, and the People’s Party retains their lead. Unidos Podemos has safely moved into second place as well.

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