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Week 66: "Paul Ryan Being Humiliated" (March 26, 2017)

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So Long, RyanCare

Paul Ryan’s complicated scheme to give tax breaks to the rich was pulled by Republicans before Congress could even vote on it. The healthcare bill was destined to fail, with the GOP having so many defectors that their 44-seat majority in the House was not nearly enough. Trump himself gave the word to pull the bill, and Paul Ryan’s pet project came to an early end, with most of the failure cast on to him alone. Which, of course, isn’t entirely fair, but I’m not going to complain about Paul Ryan being humiliated.

Farewell, Boris

Борис Александрович Эпштейн (Boris Alexandrovich Epshteyn) was a White House advisor until this week. None of us knew him, but he did write Trump’s controversial Holocaust remembrance day statement. Epshteyn was a friend of Eric Trump’s and he resigned this week. The optics are bad, though. A wealthy Russian literally named Boris has to resign amidst constant questions involving Russia? It may just be a coincidence, but come on.

Wiretap Scandal Continues

Devin Nunes (R-CA), ranking Republican on the House Intelligence committee, has created an even more sketchy condition regarding the wiretap scandal. He gave the results of a preliminary investigation straight to the President (who proceeded to tweet about it), before even telling his Democratic counterpart on the committee, Adam Schiff. He issued an apology, but his mistake made headlines and he’s been acting pretty sketchy ever since.

Gorsuch’s Hearings Begin

Judge Neil Gorsuch has played it very safe during his confirmation hearings, pledging to remain nonpartisan and claiming he will rule outside of political opinions. While it’s not fooling anyone, he’s saying what he’s supposed to be saying, and should be confirmed without any problems, unless the Democrats find a way to get a filibuster. Yes, his seat is stolen, but Gorsuch is well-qualified and we’re not going to get anyone better. Don’t bother filibustering, I say.

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